A couple of months ago I was at the Bellevue Square Apple store to pick up some overly expensive accessories for my macbook pro.   While browsing around looking for a thunderbolt cable, I recognized someone in the store.  I couldn’t quite but my finger on it but there was something about his glasses.  After a few minutes it hit me.  It was Ben Huh, CEO of iCanHasCheezburger.  The reason he looked familiar is I had just watched him on TV the night before in a reality show called LOLWork.  I decided it would be weird to say, “hey I saw you on TV last night” so I finished my shopping and went on with my day.

iCanHasCheezburger is built on and contributing to social media.  The company uses elaborate integration into the social web for several main purposes:

  1. Drive users to one of their sites
  2. Facilitate viral sharing
  3. Encourage users to contribute content
  4. Reduce costs by utilizing YouTube for streaming video delivery

The company’s mission is to make the world happy for 5 minutes per day.  It is working.  Cheezburger has over 350M visitors a month to its 50 sites, over 500K likes on face book and nearly 200K followers on twitter.  This company knows how to leverage social media.

Cheezburger has chosen to create and manage multiple brands such as lolcats, animal gifs, and I can has hotdog.  Each of these sub-brands has its own social media carefully designed to interleave and promote the Cheezburger brand.  For example, @thelolcats on twitter has over 5K followers.


Cheezburger is one of Seattle’s most interesting companies.  In 2011 they raise 30M in venture funding to continue to spread their vision.  The company has come a long way since posting funny pictures of cats and are slowly becoming the nerve center for the viral web.  I highly recommend checking them out.

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