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Simply Measured is a Seattle based start-up that is changing the way you view analytics.  You can follow @simplymeasured to get free analytics reports on various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  The company raised $8 million in January to continue to expand their vision of beautiful, useful, and easy to use reports.  On their website there are over a dozen free reports.  Here are just a few:


The LinkedIn reports is marked as “Coming Soon” and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.  In order to try out the service I put in my twitter handle @mikekennewick and they did the rest.  Here are the results of the report:


With the free twitter report I can see:

  1. Top Keywords Within Follower’ Profile Descriptions
  2. Total Followers
  3. Followers Top Time Zones
  4. Followers by Time Zone
  5. Followers by # of Followers
  6. Followers by Date of Last Tweet
  7. Users by # of Followers
  8. Users by Total Tweets

They also have a really easy way to export to excel and powerpoint.  Here is a screenshot of the raw data for followers list:


You can download my Excel and PowerPoint exports here:

powerpnt excel

Although there are may companies doing analytics on social media one thing that I think is especially well done by Simply Measured is the visualization and easy conversion to the office suite.

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