IFTTT for Blog Syndication


I’m continuing my quest for better search engine optimization (SEO) and have been looking for a good way to syndicate my blog across several channels.  In my search I came across a pretty cool service that should make it really easy – IFTTT.  It stands for If This Then That.  The idea is to create simple recipes that allow you to do a quick conditional check then take action on it if it is true.  This post is an attempt to actually use the service and see if my blog gets correctly syndicated to http://mikekennewick.blogspot.com/ after being posted to wordpress.  Here is my pseudo IFTTT recipe:

Text (made up syntax)

             If ( WordPress.Posts.Latest.IsNewPost( ) == True)  Then (Post[Wordpress.Posts.Latest].toBlogger( ))



Hopefully you are reading this on blogger which means that it worked.  Wish me luck!

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