For Sale – $45,000 Minimum Bid

In a quest to get a shorter domain name I looked into purchasing which has been for sale for over 10 years now. I did my standard “whois” from the commandline and got the administrative contact. The domain is owned by a company called Digimedia. So I contact them.  Jay, from the company promptly replied and told me that I had to use the automated service available on their website. So I did.

Thinking strategically, I offered $250 USD to set a low anchor point.  Turns out the process is totally automated.  Immediately I got rejected with the following message: “your offer is too low, please make a higher offer”. Looking at the details it suggests that I start my minimum bid at $45,000 USD. Good luck Digimedia on the sale, i’m sure if you hold on for long enough someone will come along and purchase it.  One thing is certain, I won’t be getting anytime soon.

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